Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Precious Matthew


You are my son, you were born from me

I was told to let you go, but to my heart you forever hold the key

I will never forget you, I love you too much

How I want to hold you and feel your touch

I want you to know I have never stopped the fight

To make this horrible wrong somehow turn right

Forever my son you will be

For that is how God intended it to be

A stolen treasure from my heart

When brought together we will never part

Please forgive me for believing the lie

That separated us from our mother-son tie

There has not been a day that went by

Where I did not think of you and cry

God is counting the tears

And counting the years

He will restore this to you and me

And bring together our family

I am watching and waiting to come to you my son

To bring you the truth and this battle to be won

To get back my precious one taken from me

And live out the rest of our lives here, and in eternity

I love you Matthew and always have. I never wanted this for you and WILL make this right. You were taken from me once and it will never happen again. I am on my way to you my love…….

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